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An Invitation to
Live Generously

Whether it’s from the kitchen, or from the pulpit, at Scugog Island United Church we will never offer you something that we wouldn't accept for ourselves. We extend this invitation to live generously not simply for the benefit of the church, but because we believe it will benefit you as well. Every day people generously give their time, energy, and resources to support the things that matter to them. We see a Spirit of Generosity in the volunteers who make after school programs a possibility for children and youth, neighbours who run errands and provide support for seniors, those who serve on hall boards or community groups, anyone who contributes to a cause that helps others, and in everyone who regularly considers the needs of others. This Spirit of Generosity makes our community a better place and benefits all of us. In the church, we value the diversity of God given gifts that each person has and are grateful for all the different ways people use their gifts to help others. Our goal is to nurture a Spirit of Generosity like we see in Jesus who shared the abundance of God’s grace.

Give: Give

How You Can Donate

You can make a donation online through CanadaHelps. They are a registered charity whose purpose is to support other charities with fundraising tools.

By Mail

To mail a cheque to the church please make it out to “Scugog Island United Church”. The church’s address is 19100 Island Rd Port Perry, ON L9L 1B6

During Worship

During our Sunday worship service we take a freewill offering. There is no required or suggested amount to give. A collection plate is passed around the sanctuary and everyone is invited to donate what they are able. Donation envelopes in the pew are available.

Please note that during the COVID-19 pandemic we will not have envelopes available in the pews and a collection plate will not be passed around. We will have a marked place for donations to be dropped off at the end of the service. In order to provide you a charitable donation tax receipt please bring an envelope and write on it your name and address.

Through P.A.R.

When you sign up for PAR, you choose the amount of money that you want to give to the church each month. It is automatically withdrawn from your bank account and sent to the church. You are able to cancel or adjust the amount you wish to give at any time. If you are interested in PAR you can sign up by getting in touch with us through email or a phone call.

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